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This web site is operated by Central Rugby Fixture Pool (CRFP) to provide members with a service to publish forthcoming fixtures with the intention of finding an opposition team.

Membership of CRFP is open to Fixture Secretaries (or their appointed agents or deputy), both senior and Mini & Junior, of all rugby union football clubs in England.

The membership year will run from August 1st to July 31st each year.

The annual membership fee will be published on the website and be notified to existing members by email.
Payment will be made as set out on the web site and as notified to members at time of renewal.

Fixtures may be posted for one or more dates and there is no time limit on further fixtures being posted, within the current season.

Fixture Secretaries must remove potential fixtures from the web pages once an opposition has been identified and secured.
Repeated failure to do so may result in the members account being suspended.

Members details, name, email address, Club & phone number, will be used for the management of the site. These details will not be sold to any third party for marketing purposes. However out site sponsors may send members special offers during the season.

Members will not post any offensive or unstable material on the site. To do so may result in the members account being suspended.
Members will not engage in any offensive or insulting correspondence on the site with other members. To do so may result in their account being suspended.

All opinion expressed by the management on this is site is the opinion of the management and not of any other party unless expressly indicated.
Any dispute between management and members will be resolved without going to law.

The management have final say in any operational matters concerning the site.

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