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This website has been set up as a dedicated (not for profit) service for clubs who are looking for a fast track 24/7 interactive pool fixture service. Any club registered with the RFU, is invited to join this service which caters for all age groups and incorporates two sections, the original service for senior teams and a separate Mini & Junior section. The site has been designed for users who are on dial up and is very simple to use with the aid of a user guide, which is available on the downloads page and will also be sent to you when you register.

One of the big advantages of this service is the facility to post date your fixture for any week in the season, enabling you to plan ahead and fill any gaps in your calendar.

Registration Clubs wishing to join may go to the registration section and enter their details and submit them to the secretary, who in turn will send you a user name and password giving you live access to the fixture calendar. Touring teams coming into the Midlands can also use this service to pick up contacts and games in the region simply by contacting the administrator, see(contact us)page.

This fixture exchange service is endorsed by the Gloucestershire RFU, Warwickshire RFU and the Leicestershire RFU.

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